ALPFA L.E.A.D. VC Category Segments

Descriptions of LEAD VC Category Segments
(Leadership, Engagement, Advancement and Development Value Circle)

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LEAD Chart

Domain Competency – Building expertise in your field.

Skills, abilities, and knowledge required by an individual to succeed in particular areas of their professional career. Ranging from industry expertise, functional and technical knowledge, business acumen, product and application mastery, methodology and framework proficiency, certifications, and subject matter expertise (SME). These are usually referred to as “hard skills”.

Social Engagement – Creating social awareness for better communication

Personal attributes necessary to succeed when working with others. These are usually referred to as “soft skills” and include, to name a few, communications, critical thinking, leadership, relationships, social skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, attitude, teamwork, and values and beliefs.

Community Engagement – Giving back to your community

Develop, support, and enable our members to effectively engage with the community in order to make a difference and achieve long-term goals. Adding value to the community can be achieved in many different ways: individual contribution, team engagement, partnerships with other entities, and organization commitment at the local, regional, and national level. For our purposes a community is defined as a geographic location, a group with similar interests, or affiliation or identity groups (e.g. race, ethnicity, industry, sports, academia, government).

Wealth Creation – Building long-term wealth and managing debt

Strategic and tactical efforts to educate, support, and provide the necessary knowledge and tools to enable participants in their journey to financial freedom. Wealth creation spans across strategies and actions leading to stable positions in savings, retirement, and investments. From taxes, trading, debt, and investing to emergency funds, saving for college, and buying a house.

Health & Wellness – Optimizing your well-being

Personal wellbeing via the active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. This can be achieved through strategies and techniques such as nutrition, exercise, mental wellness, healthy living, and preventive care.

Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs – Empowering the next generation of innovative business leaders

Educate, encourage, enable, and support the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindsets by providing the necessary knowledge, tools, and role models to accelerate their progress, minimize risks, and reach their goals. Providing the “know-how” to manage the financial, operational, legal, contractual, human resources, and marketing aspects of a business.

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