Create a professional chapter

An established professional chapter creates, advances, and promotes economic and professional opportunities for local ALPFA members. Chapters are managed and run by local professionals who volunteer to serve on the board or committees. These servant leaders are committed to the success of its members, partners and supporters by providing quality events, programs and services.

Local ALPFA Professional Chapters assists professionals in advancing their careers and marketability by:

  • Developing programs and events that bring together Latino professionals allowing them to network and share ideas.
  • Increasing local awareness of Latino business leaders and professionals.
  • Providing professional development and career-building opportunities, as well as educational and training opportunities.
  • Assisting Latino businesses and professionals to grow and prosper.

To learn more about creating an ALPFA professional chapter in your area, please email

Create a Student Chapter

As students embark on their quest to choose a career and enhance their marketability to potential employers, ALPFA can be significant resource by assisting in launching student chapters at respective schools.

An established student chapter expands opportunities for those who seek careers in a variety of industries including education, technology, communications, business and engineering to name a few.

ALPFA Student Chapters:

  • Make leaders out of students.
  • Deliver quality student programs focused on professional development.
  • Provide access to ALPFA’s network of professional members and sponsors.
  • Offer access to scholarship programs.
  • Create opportunities to network with other students.

To learn more about creating an ALPFA student chapter on your campus, please email or go to

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