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Gilberto Vasquez, Founder

Since 1969, Gil Vasquez has managed and directed a successful practice in public accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial consulting. Gil is recognized as a prominent Certified Public Accountant, community leader and entrepreneur. He is a Past President of the California Board of Accountancy. Mr. Vasquez has received many honors including: the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund Achievement Award, the Coca-Cola Golden Hammer Award, and the Citizen of the Year by the Northeast Chapter of the American Red Cross. He also received recognition from the California State University of Los Angeles as one of the 40 outstanding luminaries for his exemplary service to the University on their 40th Anniversary, and the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles’ Golden Book of Distinguished Service Award.

In 2015, Gil was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the organization he founded 43 years earlier, which has expanded through the years to become ALPFA, Association of Latino Professionals For America.

Gil founded the Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants in 1972. Today, ALPFA has 92,000 members nationally through 45 professional and more than 160 university chapters. Its mission is to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy. At a time when the business community is desperately seeking talent and America’s young Latinos are seeking opportunity, ALPFA is a bridge between the two. ALPFA offers its members professional leadership development, cross-functional and cross-generational networking, career opportunities, and advancement all the way to America's board rooms with hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporate partners. ALPFA has helped thousands of Latino professionals to gain the skills and connections they need to move from the outside of America’s economic mainstream to the center of it.

Gil not only founded ALPFA, but has dedicated countless hours to the organization and remains on its Corporate Advisory Board, acting as a mentor to countless Latino professionals and college students across the country. He has a passion for making people around him better and is dedicated to the advancement of Latinos across America. His impact on the lives of thousands of Latino students and professionals across the United States cannot be measured. 

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