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Beth Rehman

Director of Programs

With close to ten years experience designing curriculum for both academic and corporate stakeholders, Beth is excited by the opportunity to identify the unmet programming needs of ALPFA's clients and to create solutions that ultimately lead to enhanced partnerships. Beth has significant experience chairing and leading both small and national conferences. She loves the planning and organizing that goes into executing a successful event. In Beth’s own words, “There is nothing better than providing real value to stakeholders and watching as all your work changes lives (or at least careers)”.

Prior to joining ALPFA, Beth has worked for Thunderbird School of Global Management, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Enron Corp. Beth has served as a member of the MBA CSC 2005-2012, including Board Member and Standards Committee Co-Chair 2011-2012, Technology Committee 2010, Conference Local Arrangements Chair 2009, Conference Programs Committee, 2008 and 2005. In her various roles over the course of her career she has led a Career Development team responsible for coaching and developing student talent and has led Business Development team responsible for outreach and engagement with corporate partners. Additionally, she has executed MBA campus recruiting initiatives for a global Fortune 500 company.

Beth earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Emory University.

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