ALPFA Covid-19 Communication

To our ALPFAmilia, a message from our CEO Damian Rivera

We know that this has been a very difficult time as we all are impacted by the current Covid-19 virus. As I send this communication, I do so with prayers that you, your family, friends and community are all well.

As many of you have heard me say during talks at events, “Equity of opportunity is not the same as equity of responsibility…with increased ability comes increased responsibility”. I want you to know that during this time of crisis we are working vigilantly to meet our responsibilities to the ALPFAmilia community.

Our vision in meeting these responsibilities is to be a leader in helping develop Latino communities that will have the knowledge and network to create and act on opportunities resulting in lifelong growth and generational impact.

To achieve this vision, we know our Chapter and national events, such as convention and the regional student symposiums, go a long way to achieving this vision.

Therefore, it was with a heavy heart that early in the outbreak I made the decision to cancel the regional student symposiums. I think of our student members like my own daughter and son. Because of that I could not risk putting them in harm’s way, nor risk a possible burden on any student’s financially based on the potential to miss work due to the virus.

That being said, we know that with these cancellations and the potential for fewer local events in the near term we need to take on even more responsibility to our ALPFAmilia to create new ways to connect and continue to achieve our vision. Below is an outline of what we are doing to make sure that we still make an impact together:

Jobs and Connecting:

  • We are working with our corporate partners to provide easier access to our student members resumes
  • In addition, we are working with our corporate partners on mid-career / executive level openings to connect them with our over 75,000 members who are already in the workforce and looking for new opportunities

Digital Capabilities Improvement
  • Those that have been to convention know there is no substitute for the power and emotion of being together in person with the ALPFAmilia celebrating the Latino community and growing our impact together, and we are fully committed to an in-person convention as of today (click here to register).
  • However, through the process of determining how to handle the remote engagement we realize that there are a significant number of people that are unable to attend but would like to participate in the ALPFA Convention.
  • Therefore we are working on developing a virtual convention add-on that will be a supplement to the in-person convention.
  • This will allow us to make sure that regardless of any short term challenges from the Covid-19 virus ALPFA will keep its responsibility to the Latino community and be a leader in growing our impact through increasing knowledge with learning sessions as well as career opportunities for our students and professionals. Details will come in the months ahead.
  • We will also be launching a podcast in early April that will allow us to create additional learning opportunities to our members. These podcasts will include chapter leaders, executives, students and more from the Latino community with a goal of continuing to share knowledge with the goal of helping our members take action in their lives and careers toward their goals!!!

What you can do to help:
  • Update your contact information including your LinkedIn profile on your membership. This will allow us to keep you informed of any opportunities including connecting with your local chapter, and various companies.
  • Continue to upload your resume so that you can be found as potential possible board seats for non-profits and companies, as well as new career opportunities. You can upload your resume on our ALPFA Job Board.
  • Follow ALPFA on our social media channels to keep up to date on opportunities for you:
  • Follow your local chapter social media channels: (Click here for info)

Thank you again for being a valuable member of the ALPFAmilia…also please remember:
  • The health and safety of the ALPFAmilia is paramount when deciding on holding an in-person event over the next few weeks.
  • We have asked all of our chapter leaders to err on the side of safety when holding an event over the next few weeks and to follow the guidance provided by the respective state and local governments with regards to any travel or large events scheduled over the next few weeks.
  • Take care of yourself! Visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site for information on the virus and practice every day preventative actions. The CDC’s page that addresses how to avoid spreading the virus in communities is here.

Thank you for your commitment to making an impact for yourself, and your community and allowing the ALPFAmilia to be part of your journey!!!
Damian Rivera

Chief Executive Officer
Instagram: damianfrivera
Twitter: damianfrivera

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