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ALPFA Success Story: Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Tuesday, December 19, 2017  
Posted by: Maria Dietrich

ALPFA Success Story: Juan Carlos Rodriguez

My ALPFA experience dates back to 2014. After establishing my academic foundations, I began to connect with the campus community. I served as the VP of Finance for ALPFA. As VP, I proudly represented ALPFA, Foster School of Business, and the University of Washington overall. Thanks to these leadership experiences, I was able to observe the growth of young members and their proactiveness on their self-development.

However, two years later everything changed. ALPFA had significant issues: only five student members remained, budgets were at a deficit, and the club was about to be shut down. At this point, the new executive team, our adviser, Andy Marzano, and I, as the new president, made it our goal to reestablish ALPFA as a top organization at the Foster School of Business. Therefore, we devised and executed various strategies for recruitment, financials, and organizational culture.

ALPFA has made the biggest difference in my young professional career. It set the foundations for effective communication and collaborative skills. During my time at the Foster School of Business, I have also had the honor of representing the university in a number of case competitions - including the Australian Undergraduate Case Competition, ALPFA National Case Study Competition and the National Diversity Case Competition.

These competitions and experiences from ALPFA allowed me to work on diverse teams, interact with students from all over the globe, and ultimately left me imbued with a greater sense of what makes a high-performing team.

The most beneficial event that helped me the most from ALPFA was the National Convention. This is a tremendous opportunity that I highly recommend for all members. The professional development workshops and the networking with professionals and peers from around the United States are the key takeaways from my experience there.

ALPFA helped me obtain professional opportunities which have allowed me to become a more inclusive leader. I have had the honor to intern at a professional services organization, Ernst & Young, for the past two summers. Most recently, I had the opportunity to work in their Bogota, Colombia office. This was an unbelievable professional experience because I realized that it’s imperative to understand and embrace cultural differences, perspectives, business norms, and workplace values. I strongly believe that having this opportunity to work abroad built upon my current efforts in this arena, and afford me the chance to become a more globally minded leader.

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