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Empower Your Career in Five Days with ALPFA

Saturday, June 11, 2016   (0 Comments)

ALPFA Convention has a long track record – 44 years – of bringing together the top professionals and attracting the best employers. Then students joined our ranks en masse and the employment opportunities exploded! Why? The top recruiters can only get to about 60 schools a year. Are you at one of them?

Who will you meet @ALPFA Convention?

Empower your career and meet these top employers, offering student workshops, three collegiate lunch and learns, thousands of dollars in scholarship money, one-on-one resume critiques, and on-site interviews during the career fair.




 ALPFA’s new Career Center opens next week so get ready! Mark your candidate profile a Convention Attendee to get their attention before you even arrive!


Meet the Women of ALPFA @ALPFA Convention

The Convention opens with the very popular Women of ALPFA Day! Meet the Women of ALPFA, the premier and most popular initiative of our organization. The programming includes workshop options for professionals and students at all levels to immerse in a celebration of Latina Leadership. Enhance your skills and empower your career each day of the massive Convention!

And Meet Other Successful ALPFA Students!

Not just professionals… nearly half of ALPFA Convention attendees are students just like you. But it’s not too crowed to stand out and be heard. Spend quality time with professionals, mentors, employers, and hiring managers. People who are where you want to be.

There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the Unites States. Whether you’re at one of those “Top 100” schools or not, you can and will be seen and heard at ALPFA Convention.

Meet students who have successfully used the opportunity not just to find a job, but to accelerate their careers. Meet students like Ana Agudelo, who went from crowded career fairs at Rutgers to quality time with a Dell recruiter at the ALPFA Convention to a Senior Associate in Dell’s Premier Finance 2-yr training program. Now she’s attending ALPFA Convention as a recruiter for the very same program, looking for top talent. 



Josuel Plasencia
ALPFA Board of Directors, Student Director
ALPFA Babson, Vice President
Accenture, Consulting Summer Analyst
“ALPFA connected me with a mentors that opened doors for me for summer internships at EY and Goldman Sachs. The best part about ALPFA is the huge investment by everyone to help each other. It’s such a powerful feeling to know someone has your back. It’s one big powerful family supporting each other.”

Need one more reason to attend ALPFA Convention?

Student registration is largely subsidized so students attend Convention for only $250 plus their travel. ALPFA negotiates special deals with hotels both on Convention site and nearby to maximize your savings, allowing up to four people per room. Most meals are included in your registration, including three collegiate lunch and learns hosted by the top employers and the popular Scholarship luncheon, where thousands of dollars of scholarships and ALPFA’s Student of the Year will be named.

What are you waiting for? 

Register Now

Are You Willing to Take a Special Challenge from ALPFA’s CMO?

Luis Vargas, Chief Marketing Officer, says it really makes his day to see posts and comments on LinkedIn and Social Media like one ALPFA KSU’s Director of Fundraising, Jorge Vinicio Mendez Arriaza...

Jorge posted this request on LinkedIn: please help me “brainstorm and send my way some of your successful ideas to promote fundraising activities or using social media for such cause…” that have proven successful for your chapters.

Luis responded “it shows and reminds me about the passion and commitment individuals like you and many others I have met have for the Alpfamilia. I'll take your offering to the next level and ask from you and other ALPFA students, for a simple but powerful ask.
Record a 45 to 60 second video, with your smartphone or tablet any of the following:

  1. ALPFA's impact on my student and personal life has been…
  2. Students should join ALPFA because…
  3. It is important to be an ALPFA chapter leader because…
  4. I would define the Alpfamilia as…

Please, no scripts. Let this come from your heart and fact-based. Say your name and ALPFA chapter. Deadline: 06/17. Send them to

The best videos will be posted on ALPFA social media channels and broadcast during Convention as well

Good luck!





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