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Student Spotlight

ALPFA NY would like to do a Student Spotlight on Nevin Shah, rising senior at Hofstra University, and President of his Student ALPFA chapter, Nevin is a rising star. His commitment and dedication to ALPFA is evident through his passion for giving back and the strong team he has built to support him. Nevin recently participated in the ALPFA NY EY Student Retreat and brought his board of directors. We thank Nevin for aligning his efforts with the core principles of ALPFA and wish him the best of success on his professional journey!

Volunteer Spotlight

ALPFA NY would like to thank Dewin Vasquez for his service to the ALPFA NY Community by being a loyal and dedicated volunteer. Dewin is a sophomore at Baruch College and is consistently a strong support for ALPFA NY events and programming. This commitment is commendable and admirable as he continues to serve the ALPFA community while elevating its mission by inviting his classmates to events and making the message heard across campuses through word of mouth marketing. Thank you Dewin!


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