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There is an unmet need for Latino/Hispanic leaders who are trained to tap into their heritage and unique perspective who can contribute to creating a culture of innovation in Corporate America.

ALPFA Solutions provides the opportunity for you to help meet that need. Our Mid-Management Leadership Development workshops offered at ALPFA's 2016 Annual Convention are designed to help you develop tools to instill an innovation mindset within your organization and constantly improve how you relate to, interact with and inspire your team members while positioning yourself for promotion into the next leadership tier of your career.


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In Partnership with ALPFA SOLUTIONS, ALPFA Announces

Engagement. Motivation. Commitment 

Gain the knowledge and tools that are key to unleashing the potential in others and empowering them to achieve high levels of performance.

This two-day program of intense sessions deliberately designed through a Hispanic lens and facilitated by our ALPFA Solutions team, challenges participants to critically assess their own strengths and weaknesses, shift their thinking from functional to strategic, and become better candidates for internal pipelines to executive positions. By the end of this training, you will be able to highlight key differences between being a Hispanic executive and being an executive who happens to be Hispanic.

Participant Pre-work:

Prior to attending Practical Strategies for Success in Executive Leadership course, participants will receive a copy of an assessment tool. You will be asked to complete the pre-work tool at least two weeks before the start of the course. It is expected that it will take 3-4 hours for completion of all required pre-work.

  • Meet with your manager to discuss:
    • An overview of the topics that will be covered in the program and how what you will learn will impact your performance
    • What specific development goals you want to achieve by attending the program
    • How your manager will support your development plan after the program
  • Prepare a Personal Leadership Challenge
  • Watch Amy Cuddy on TED Talk: “Your body Language Shapes Who You Are
  • Watch “A Tribute to Steve Jobs” 
  • Complete “Fascinate” assessment – How to fascinate profile.

Program Outcomes:

  • Established Action Plan developed through program that will hone your leadership skills;
  • Follow-up conversation with your manager to share the actions committed to as a result of the program and discuss how they will support you in your continued development;
  • Refined understanding of your personal leadership point of view and how it relates to leading;
  • Established strategy to engage your direct reports to share and infuse the content provided within your teams; and,
  • Review “Fascinated” profile a month after course completion

Program Team:

Raymond Arroyo
President, ALPFA Solutions

A senior executive in both human resources and business roles, as chief diversity officer reporting to the CEO at Aetna, he was recognized as a top Hispanic executive in the U.S. two consecutive years. 

He serves as Chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a Senior Fellow of Plaza Institute. He served as President of PRIMER, a University of Hartford Board of Regents member, Treasurer of the Wheeler Clinic Board of Trustees, and board member of the National Hispanic Medical Association. He is former chairman of HACU’s Corporate and Philanthropic Council and a member of HACU’s Governing Board.

Diane Craig

A global, sought-after speaker who’s a faculty member of the Canadian Management Centre. Her distinct value is her ability to deliver compelling solutions in a dynamic, engaging and inspiring communication style. She’s fluently bilingual, has travelled extensively and brings hands-on, world-class experience on cultural diversities to the North American boardroom.

Alba Gonzales Nylander

Is an award-winning video producer and managing partner of AJ Media Services LLC, located near Nashville, TN. She provides professional digital media services to corporations, non- profits, small businesses, universities and government agencies. She’s a graduate of the Leadership Franklin Class 2014 – 2015 and Emerging Leaders SBA 2015. DWBE, WBENC, SMWBE, DBE, MOB, MBE, SBE EDWOSB.

Betsy Silva

Recognized as a 2013 Corporate Elite Top 25 Executives, Betsy has more than 20 years of experience, spanning 13 countries, in senior-level operations, HR and global diversity leadership. She is a bilingual expert in coaching, global diversity and inclusion leadership development and multicultural marketing.

Is this program right for you?

If you are a Latino/Hispanic corporate middle manager in the U.S. or Latin America including Puerto Rico, with 5 to 10 years of experience, this program is designed for you. Designed for a class size of only 30-40 participants, you will spend two full days immersed in an experiential learning environment in the heart of the Annual ALPFA Convention. Day two includes attendance at the Women of ALPFA Luncheon "Paving the Future of Latina Power in the U.S."

Are you ready to craft effective networking strategies, develop your executive presence, improve your emotional intelligence, become a strategic-minded executive, understand organizational alignment, to become the motivating and inspiring leader you aspire to be? You'll also learn to more effectively and productively manage conflict and develop a leadership action plan.

ALPFA Solutions cares about your success and will follow up with you 3-months and 6-months after the program with executive coaching calls designed to reinforce your experience.



FOR: Mid-Level Managers with 7-14 years of experience and 3+ years of management experience interested in advancing their careers. 

Leadership Conference Experience is equal to Convention Registration Plus $695 for Gold or Platinum Professional members or $950 for Basic and non-members


  • All Marquee Luncheons (Women of ALPFA, Scholarship, Leadership)
  • all Professional Workshops
  • Partner Receptions
  • Career Fair
  • Gala
  • PLUS the Two-Day Management Leadership Development Workshops (Friday and Saturday ... lunch will be provided)
  • Access to exclusive executive networking and VIP receptions


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