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Alejandro Reyna

Goldman Sachs

Executive Vice President

Alex Ashwal

Goldman Sachs


Cindy Gutierrez

Synchrony Financial (formaly GE)

VP, Corporate Sponsorship

Lindsey Tsuya

American Express

Chief Operating Officer 

Josephine Kraat

Goldman Sachs 

VP, Event Planning & Logistics

< Position Open >

VP, Marketing

Michael Ballif

SLCC / 10,000 Small Businesses

VP, Student Affairs

Eduardo Grajeda

EMC Corporation

VP, Memberships

Shaysee Garcia


VP, IT & Communication

David Olivares

Goldman Sachs


< Position Open >

VP, Women of ALPFA

Gayathri Kalyansundar

Goldman Sachs


ALPFA is a national, not-for-profit professional association that creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, the community and its business partners while expanding Latino Leadership in the global workforce.


SLC ALPFA is the 41st Chapter nationwide and places us in a strategic location for growth and opportunity. Ambitious as it may seem, we are well positioned to become one of the most successful Chapters in the U.S. given the demographic growth, economic outlook, educational/academic levels and unique culture within the region. However, our success is based on your satisfaction as our members and sponsors. Our strategy for success is based on obtaining continuous feedback and understanding of your professional needs within the frequently-changing market conditions, and connecting them with top of the industry leadership/networking tools that would serve as a catalyst for long term career development.”


Our chapter is committed to providing the Salt Lake City professional community the resources and opportunities required to expand its network amongst financial and business leaders in the industry, as well as developing professional skill sets for its members. We support our members’ interest in expanding their economic and financial-related knowledge depth as well as building upon leadership skills required to solidify competitiveness levels in the current market environment. We are excited about this new challenge and have an ambitious calendar of events for 2015 at your service. We invite you to learn more about SLC ALPFA and its mission statement by browsing through this website. Thank you and welcome to the SLC ALPFA Chapter!

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