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Getting Started with Excel

Sponsor: Microsoft

Join our session to learn how to get started with Excel 2016. Excel can be used to track, organize, and calculate lots of information easily. Use Excel with OneDrive and you will be able to share and collaborate with others in the cloud. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Create an Excel workbook
  • Use functions and formulas
  • Make charts and graphs to visualize your data
  • Store securely on OneDriveAccess from any device (iPhone, Android or Windows phone)
  • Manage spreadsheet versions

CPE Credit: 2.0 hours (Specialized Knowledge & Apps)

Leading With Big Data

Sponsor: Toyota

Big Data has become a new competitive advantage for top performing companies. Analytics can help improve decision-making, minimize risks, and uncover valuable insights that would remain hidden, otherwise. Understand between good and bad analytics. Take a new look at organizational capabilities in analytics. Get the right team together to help drive the data.Speaker(s): John Garcia, Group Manager, Pricing & AnalyticsPreferred

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Computer Science)

Excel Beyond Basics

Sponsor: Microsoft

Join our session to learn even more about Excel 2016. Use the power of Excel to visualize your data and present your information in a way that is easy to consume. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Insert Pivot Tables
  • Visualize data with Pivot Charts
  • User slicers and timelines to easily filter your data
  • Present your data in PowerPoint

CPE Credit: 2.0 hours (Specialized Knowledge & Apps)

International Tax Update: Best Practices for Addressing Transfer Pricing Controversy and Dispute Resolution

Sponsor: KPMG

In the current environment of increasing global tax transparency, there is a greater chance than ever before of transfer pricing audits and local and global tax disputes. This discussion will cover tax dispute topics, including an overview of the evolving IRS approach to transfer pricing audits, the IRS campaigns, and best practices for mitigating the risks associated with transfer pricing disputes globally.

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Tax)

Leading a Culture of Innovation
Sponsor: Liberty Mutual

Learn how to use the AGILE frame work to create a culture of Innovation

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Computer Science/Technology)

Powerful Power Point presentations and Getting Started with One Note

Sponsor: Microsoft

During this interactive session, you will learn how to take your presentations to the next level with PowerPoint 2016, additionally learn how you can start using OneNote to capture your actions items, create tasks list, flag items for review and get organized. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Create Power Point templates
  • Add interesting content to your presentations
  • Create a One Note notebook
  • Leverage Microsoft tools for collaboration

CPE Credit: 2.0 hours (Specialized Knowledge & Apps)

Understanding and working with the Millennials – Who are Millennials?

Sponsor: Crowe Horwath

What are they looking for in a career? What kind of corporate culture attracts them? What motivates them? How do you retain them?  We will speak to generational information; maximizing and leveraging millennials in the workplace; highlight a Crowe case study of our Mobility Strategy; we hope to have millennials present to share and address challenges.

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Personnel/HR)

Leveraging Inclusive Diversity

Sponsor: Northwestern Mutual

Workshop Description: In a constantly changing marketplace, learning how to effectively leverage differences is key for realizing a competitive advantage for business success. By becoming more self-aware of one’s own differences and the unique backgrounds and experiences of others, individuals can begin to create an inclusive environment.  All audience members will actively participate in an abbreviated lesson from our valuable Leveraging Inclusive Diversity (LID) workshop. In this workshop, individuals will be offered a skills based approach to navigating any differences in the workplace through building intercultural competence skills.

Speaker(s): Jorge Quezada, MBA, Director, Leadership Development │Diversity & Inclusion

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Personnel/HR)

Digital Trust: Reliability, Resiliency & Recoverability

Sponsor: Bank of New York Mellon

BNY Mellon will host a panel discussion focused on the importance of cultivating and maintaining "trust" in business models that are increasingly "digitized". The panel will provide an overview of key Cybersecurity trends and share industry insights. Digital transformation calls for fundamental changes to existing IT infrastructures, including security strategies. The speakers will focus on shifts in IT security priorities and the importance innovation contributes to creating and nurturing “trust” in a digital world.

CPE Credit: 1.5 hours (Computer Science)

Uniform CPA Examination Update (Open to Professionals & Students)

Sponsor: AICPA

During the Uniform CPA Examination update, the next version of the Exam that launched on April 1, 2017, the new Exam delivery software to be launched on April 1, 2018, and plans for global expansion and future versions of the CPA Examination will be discussed. Also, CPA Candidate recruitment, engagement, performance, and the results of the AICPA’s studies on the candidate pipeline will also be discussed.

Developing a Generation of Fearless Leaders: Why Gender Equality is Critical for the Success of Corporate America

Sponsor: State Street
  • Learn more about the importance of empowered female leadership, and its benefits for everyone in Corporate America
  • Why the pay gap matters, and how we can close itHow women can have it all, including leadership positions in the finance industry
  • An investment in future generations of female leaders is an investment in workplace success

The Elephant in the Room: The Courageous Yet Uncomfortable Conversation:

Sponsor: Bank of America

It’s not easy or comfortable for most of us to talk about our differences but it’s something we should not avoid.  If we are to make any progress on this national issue, we must talk about it openly.How do we help move the conversation forward and have more open, honest conversations about race, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation that can be somewhat uncomfortable? If bravery is the missing ingredient? Are we afraid the conversation might backfire?As “the keeper of the conscience” for diversity & inclusion, we have a particular responsibility and a unique opportunity to be courageous in leading the conversation. Join us for a frank open conversation.

Negotiating Methods

Sponsor: Boeing

Understand two very different styles of negation. Integrative vs. Distributive. This workshop will teach you the differences between the two, and how to apply it to your business or career.Speaker(s): Sean Garcia, Director, Boeing Commercial Aircraft (BCA) Contracts

E/BRGs – strategically aligning for career and business growth

Sponsor: EY

Successful Employee/Business Resource Groups (E/BRGs) provide value for members, our communities and the businesses we work for and with.  But the success of these groups requires leadership, agility and commitment of time and talent.  The EY Latino Professional Network convened the inaugural leading practice discussion with a cross-company panel in 2014.  This year, leaders of Latin/x E/BRGs will gather for a focused discussion on strategically aligning efforts for success.  Join us for the opportunity to learn from and interact with leaders who will explore ways to help all of us strategically align E/BRG efforts for success to career and business growth.  Our panelists and discussion will focus on four main topics:

  • Aligning your E/BRG strategies to align with your company’s business strategy and values
  • Engaging executive sponsors and allies for an E/BRG to strengthen inclusive leadership
  • Providing access to leaders for members of E/BRG to develop leadership skills and relationships
  • Collaborating with other E/BRGs to amplify your impact

Come prepared to develop ideas and engage in a robust breakout discussion to learn how to make your ERG a destination for leaders.