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In the last few years the number of Latino professionals in the United States has grown exponentially. Executives from various countries in Latin America today work for some of the largest corporations in this country, playing an important role in the social and economic life and development of United States, by contributing with their diversity and global skills.

As the premier Latino business organization in the United States, ALPFA offers expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market to meet the demand for new talent in this country.

Established in 1972, ALPFA was the first national Latino professional association in the United States. Since then, our association has provided unique and valuable programs, services, internships, Continuing Professional Education Courses (CPE), and networking opportunities to our members and corporate partners. Today, ALPFA is the largest minority professional non-profit association in the United States, with over 72,000 members, more than 44 professional chapters, and 160 student chapters across the country.

Even though ALPFA was originally established as a Latino accounting organization, in time we began to include all businesses and professions.  The Mission of ALPFA is to create opportunities for our members, and to add value and build or strengthen relationships between our community and our business partners.  We are able to achieve this goal by expanding and creating new and exciting leadership opportunities for our members in the global market.

In our ALPFA Michigan Chapter, our main goal is to help expand the opportunities and presence of successful Latino business leaders and professionals in Michigan, and to promote their presence and influence here, in our own state.

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