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ALPFA National

801 South Grand Avenue
Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Telephone: (213) 243-0004
FAX: (213) 243-0006

ALPFA & ALPFA Institute
New York Office

55 Broad Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Telephone: (646) 695-4200
FAX: (646) 695-4201


Charles Garcia
Chief Executive Officer

Jorge Ortega
Chief Marketing Officer

Julio Carbonell
Chief Information Officer

Leni Delgado
Chief of Staff & Deputy General Counsel

Lori Ruff
Chief Branding Officer

Suri Surinder
Chief Operating Officer
ALPFA Institute

Vasquez and Co.


ALPFA National Staff

Anita Nuñez-Cepollaro
Director, Corporate Development

Cindy Saad
Director, Corporate Development

Carlos Perez
Art Director

Carmen Cardenas
Director, Student Affairs

Jonathan Cifuentes
Information Technology Specialist

Radhames Nova
Executive Director,
Boston Chapter

Viviana Pagan
Director of Programs

Jessenia Francisco
Executive Director,
New York Chapter

Solskin Gomez-Krogh
Executive Director,
Chicago Chapter

Ariana Simmons
Nat'l Membership &
Chapter Operations Manager,
New York Chapter

Billy Ayala
Chapter Operations Manager,
Boston Chapter

Clare Holzer
Accounting Clerk

Janis Bentley
Executive Assistant
& Chapter Relations Coordinator

Vania Yarijanian
Accounting Clerk

Lina Garzon
Membership, Intern, NY


ALPFA Institute Staff

Anita Gonzalez
VP of Advisory Services

Jackie Sandoval
Finance Manager

James Lascano
Director of Operations