ALPFA 2011 Annual Convention - Student Workshops

Saturday - August 6, 2011

9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom A The Best Begins with You!
• Learn more about one of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies”
• Hear about some of the varied career tracks available including Finance/Accounting and Marketing through a career with Verizon
• Discover how the talents we’re seeking in you are rewarded through an enriching career and competitive benefits worthy of the name Total Rewards
• Hear about Luis’ personal and inspiring story of success as he charted his path through the Verizon organization
Luis Cruz, President, Southern California Region, Verizon Wireless

9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom B Where Do I Fit In? Building Your Resume & Networking Skills
• Think you may be interested in Financial Services, but not sure where you’d fit? Come and discover how to leverage your interests, skills and background when considering your fit within the Firm.
• Learn the impact networking can have in your career exploration
• Learn how to start building your resume for full time and internship recruiting.
Holly Jackson, Global Leadership & Diversity Team at Goldman Sachs
10:30am-11:45am Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom A Plan A: Get the job; Plan B: Now what?
• How to get your resume notices
• How to get the job
• How to "WOW" them your first year
Kaye Cullum, Sr. Manager, Finance Campus Relations, Wal-Mart
10:30am-11:45am Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom B Whole Brain FlowThe 21st Century Accounting Professional:  It's not WHAT you THINK, It's HOW you THINK
Discover your "Whole Brain" style and how you can use it to help set you apart as you progress through your academic and professional careers.
• Interactive, fast paced, and fun, this session will introduce you to the latest research in cognitive thinking and how cognitive preferences and dominance are leveraged within the accounting industry.
• How the big four accounting firms are seeking the 21st century accounting professional – one who can extend thinking outside of the stereotype and image that most have of accountants.
• Research based on the "Whole Brain" Model technology - what sets you apart is not WHAT you think, but HOW you think.

V. P. Parker, Master Trainer/Facilitator, Senior Corporate Consultant/Principal, VP Enterprises & Consulting
2:30pm-3:45pm Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom B The R Factor

The session focuses on how your response, or R factor, can have tremendous impact on the success or failure of your endeavors.
•  The R factor is a personal and professional development session that focuses on how and why we make decisions.
• The R factor session is an enlightening and entertaining look at one of the most critical functions in our personal and professional success.

Ryan Kist, Inclusiveness Campus Recruiting and Fred Scott, Advisory Services Campus Recruiting Leader, E&Y 
2:30pm-3:45pm Paradise Pier Pacific Ballroom A Building a Brand
A case study in using Financial Services to build guest and brand loyalty. 
• The importance of Target’s loyalty program and the transition to the current 5% off Today and Everyday format. 
• Learn how Target identified the issues, developed ideas, tested the proof of concept and launched nationwide.

Hallie Williams, Product Manager, Product Design at Target

Sunday - August 7, 2011

9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Redondo How to Make a Powerful Impression in Interviews
How to Make a Powerful Impression in Interviews
Tips to make a Strong, Lasting, Positive impression at an Interview
• Learn through this interactive presentation on how to prepare, research and address many of your worries prior to the actual meeting.
• Helpful tips, from your first communication with the company to the interview follow-up, will be discussed giving you the confidence you need to be successful at the interview and make a strong, lasting, positive impression.
Richard Curtis, Assistant Vice President, Global Human Resources, State Street Corporation
9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Oceanside Why Businesses are focusing on Multicultural Markets
Discover why businesses across sectors are focusing on multicultural consumers and why it makes good business sense. Participants in this session will learn:
• The significant shifts in Multicultural Demographics
•  How increase buying power effects corporate interest
• What is unique about ING in this space
Juan Pablo Troncoso, Multicultural Strategies, ING
10:30am-11:45am Paradise Pier Redondo Differentiating Yourself in Today’s Job Market
It’s never too early or too late to think strategically about how to navigate entry into a coveted and competitive job market.
• Gain insight from a seasoned JPMorgan Chase Recruiter and one of our senior Finance Operations Managers on what they look for in potential employees. 
• Learn how to leverage networking tactics and leave a lasting impression with employers to identify and build upon career opportunities.
Carlos Monteagudo, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase;  Ian Kinney, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase
2:30pm-3:45pm Paradise Pier Oceanside Scholarship Tips and Tools                                             
Gain a better understanding of HSF’s scholarships and the application process, tips and tools for writing a good scholarship application essay, how to pay for college/graduate school without burning a hole in your pocket, and more!
• Learn the application process for the HSF co-branded scholarships, specifically the HSF/ALPFA program. 
• Learn of other organizations that provide scholarships for outstanding Latino students. 
• Walk away with information about,, and other scholarship/fellowship search engines.

Amía Soto-Carrión, Scholarship Outreach and Promotion Program Coordinator, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the Gates Millennium Scholars Program 
2:30pm-3:45pm Paradise Pier Redondo Ideas. Innovation. Imagination. Disney.
At The Walt Disney Company, it’s our people who carry the touch and ensure that our innovation and excellence in entertainment continues. And you see it in all we do: from thrills on the high seas to the adrenaline rush of a coaster ride; from the action on the big screen, to laughs on television, to the excitement of a championship game, every day someone is being touched by a Disney brand.  You can be too.
Test your knowledge while you discover more about student opportunities within the company. 
• Learn about student and recent graduate opportunities.
• Discover more about our programs, culture, benefits.
• Identify application, interview, program and hire eligibility.
Speakers Panel
4pm-5:15pm Paradise Pier Redondo The Value of a Successful Internship
• How to make your transition from college to the business world.
• How to get the most out of your internship by gaining professional experience and learn more about your major in an organization or company of interest.
• How to position yourself for an after graduation employment offer.
Lindsay Fred, Finance Manager, Cargill, Inc. and Fabio Suenaga, Project Coordinator & Sr Accountant, Cargill, Inc.
4pm-5:15pm Paradise Pier Oceanside Working to Build a Better You
Take a hint from the world’s most powerful consumer and corporate brands: branding yourself is a great way to discover things that make you, who you are! 
Learn how to develop your key “Brand”
• Develop key messages about your strengths and abilities.
• Create your consistent look and voice.
• Learn how to market to employers the unique and wonderful brand called…YOU! 

Suzette Longfellow, CPA and audit Senior Manager, KPMG LLP;  Lorena Manobanda, Diversity Recruiter, Southwest, KPMG

Tuesday - August 9, 2011

9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Oceanside Stand Out in a Crowd

Hear how exceptional candidates get noticed and discover how leadership development programs within Bank of America’s CFO Group can accelerate your career and professional development.
• Get an overview of how Bank of America identifies potential leaders through campus hire programs.
• Learn from decision makers how candidates have historically set themselves apart from the competition.
• Speak with previous program participants about their experiences in one of the programs.

Patty Clement, CFO, Global Commerical Banking, Bank of America; Steve Monaco, Bank of America 
9:00am-10:15am Paradise Pier Redondo Transitioning from College:  How to distinguish yourself
This workshop will provide tips to maximize success during the first six months in Corporate America after graduating from college.  Real life examples will be provided by members of the Johnson & Johnson Finance Leadership Development Program.
Desire Rodriguez, Senior Financial Auditor for Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate Internal Audit Group; Araceli Acuna
10:30am-11:45am Paradise Pier Redondo How many ways are there to the top?   Leveraging my finance and accounting degree. Gabriela Parcella, CEO of Capital Markets, Mellon Capital
10:30am-11:45am Paradise Pier Oceanside Taking the Road Less Traveled: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! Developing the perspective, tools, and behaviors to distinguish yourself from the competition.
• What really sets you apart from your competition?
• Are you following the pack or carving out your own path?
• Have you researched other opportunities in your desired industry?
• Traveling a more strategic path leading to a multi-dimensional and solid career.
Steve Lin, Senior Manager of Financial Analysis, Personal Markets, Liberty Mutual Group
3:00pm-4:15pm Paradise Pier Oceanside Wireless Technologies and the Implications of Social Networking on Careers and Businesses

Presenters will discuss the impact of technology evolution, including wireless and social media on companies and professionals while participants learn to think about how technology may impact their career.
• Evolution of technology and its impact on today’s strategic thinking.
• The historical path that brings us to today’s environment and how companies are leveraging information in the decision making process.
• How different technologies can work together to enhance businesses and their understanding of the environment where they operate .
Fernando Alonso, Senior Manager, Deloitte
3:00pm-4:15pm Paradise Pier Redondo New Approaches to Extreme Work
Shatter the perceptions of the typical 9 to 5 workday to obtain a healthy work/ life balance in the public accounting profession.
• Change the mindset of a traditional workday.
• Be patient in transition.
• Realize your career potential.
Juan Cruz, Senior Manager- Financial Services, Grant Thornton, LLP and President, ALPFA NY Professional Board; Matthew Mendes, University Recruiter, Grant Thornton, LLP