ALPFA 2011 Annual Convention - Professional Development Workshops 2

Saturday - August 6, 2011

9:00am-11:00am Disneyland Hotel - Monorail High-performing teams: Critical skills that drive team effectiveness
This course will examine the characteristics of high-performing teams, discuss the "dos and don'ts" of team management, and explore how leadership and effective communication help to build cohesive, inclusive teams.
• Effective Team Management
• Effective Communication
• Cultural Dexterity
• Emotional Intelligence
Reggie Butler, PwC
9:30am-10:45am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 Building Relationships in the Hispanic Community For many years McDonald’s has been leading by example in the area of reaching diverse audiences with culturally relevant marketing and communications. This did not happen by accident. At McDonald’s, diversity is a business imperative. That premise is reflected in our relationship with all ethnic segments, including the Hispanic community via:
• A focus of Hispanic communications at McDonald’s is to build relationships with the community by fulfilling needs, celebrating the culture and communicating product and company news in ways that are relevant to Hispanic audiences.
Carlos Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, McDonald’s USA
9:30am-10:45am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 Making Leadership a part of “BAU”
Prudential Financial, Inc. has challenged its employees to think of Leadership as a strategic differentiator both internally and externally.  Don will share some of his successes and challenges encountered while rolling out this objective as a “business as usual” mindset. 
• What these leadership competencies are and what are their anticipated behavioral indicators.
• How these indicators apply to those of us within the finance function.
• Success factors to be considered as we continue to deliver value-added financial service to our business partners.
Donald (Don) J. Sulpizio, Vice President, Financial Analysis & Reporting International Investments, Prudential Financial, Inc.
2:30pm-3:45pm Disneyland Hotel - Monorail The Truth about Municipal Bonds: Investing Beyond the Headlines
• Reality vs. what has been reported in the media.
• Overview of the impact budget deficits have had on municipal bonds.
• Outlook for the municipal bond market going forward.
Daniel Brea, VP of Wealth Management, Bank New York Mellon

Sunday - August 7, 2011

8:30am-9:45am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 Retailing Trends for consumers and professional employees and their Impact on talent needs
• How retailing trends are being driven by consumer behaviors
• How these trends influence all Talent areas, from Acquisition to Management
• The importance of business acumen, strategic vision and learning capability for leaders, today and in the future
Cedric T. Coco, SVP Learning and Organizational Effectiveness, Lowe’s
8:30am-9:45am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 Living Well In Difficult Financial Times
In this current economic climate it is imperative to create pro-active financial solutions. Identify and explore:
• Financial strategies to help create a solid foundation for your investment portfolio.
• Cash saving tactics to secure the cash you have today along with the cash you’ll need tomorrow.
• Investment types and the role they might play in your portfolio.
• Ways to enhance your potential for financial success through proven investment tactics.

Frank J. Guzman, Financial Planning Specialist, Metlife
10:00am-11:15am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 Bold Career Management to Accelerate Professional Success
Design and management of leading professional development programs for managers who wish to retain, develop, and promote high performing employees
• Development of strategic initiatives for high potential/high performance professionals as part of a global talent strategy.
• Drawing on a programs which support women and underrepresented professionals, explore how various initiatives can work together to enhance retention and development of talent in a fast paced professional environment.
• Learn how to think about personal and professional development from a career management perspective that will mutually benefit the organization and you, inculding such concepts as mentorship, coaching and sponsorship and leadership development.
Ray Gonzalez, Director, Regulatory Compliance & Corporate Governance, Deloitte; Rodolfo “Rudy” Pittaluga, Jr., Principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP 
10:00am-11:15am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 Building Business Acumen and Long-term Organizational Success
Unique perspectives from a senior financial services leader on what it takes to run a multi-faceted global operations organization like a true business.
• Learn how the strategic use of quantitative and qualitative information and tools, such as a balanced scorecard and customer satisfaction metrics, can help with decision-making and business planning.
• Learn how you can apply them in your own setting.
Jim Krass, Managing Director and Head of Global Finance Operations, JP Morgan Chase
2:30pm-3:45pm Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 Unveiling the Impact of ALPFA Institute

Be the first to meet leaders of the ALPFA Institute as they share their plans for this exciting new initiative.  Learn about the ALPFA Institute structure, and the programs and initiatives that will impact diversity, inclusion, women’s and global leadership.   
• Learn from a review of case studies of how the ALPFA Institute is already helping corporations with their diversity initiatives.
• Learn how the ALPFA Institute is designed to serve as a valuable resource and solution.
• Discover how companies are relying on the ALPFA Institute to assess their employee resource groups.
Dr. Adam Arroyos, President, ALPFA Institute; Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, ALPFA Institute
2:30pm-3:45pm Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 Emerging Technologies and Trends for Today’s  Learn how you, as a thought leader of today, can leverage emerging technologies and trends to make
effective business decisions for tomorrow.
Karl Gouverneur , Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Northwestern Mutual
4:00pm-5:15pm Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 Strategic Agility in Times of Change
Obtain practical tools for maintaining an agile approach to organizational leadership and strategy.
• Change
• Innovation
• Adaptation
Alex Luna, University of Phoenix 

Tuesday - August 9, 2011

10am-11:30am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 1 The Self-Aware Leader
The presence of strong self-awareness teaches leaders to be intentional as means of creating purpose – you know why you want to reinvent.
This interactive workshop will introduce a proven model for professional reinvention (reinvent self, others and the business) as well as the four key pillars that drive strong self-awareness, which are:
• an above average network and support system
• a proficiency in critical and systems thinking
• a savvy perspective of the political landscape
• a courageous drive for magis (more for the good of others)
Dan Gallagher, VP Learning & Development, Comcast University, Comcast Corporation
10am-11:30am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4 Capital Agenda
Introduction of the capital agenda as a tool to build a strong competitive advantage in today’s market place.
• Discussion around the capital agenda‘s four key dimensions of preserving, optimizing, raising, and investing capital and their importance in today’s business environment.
• Key insights from E&Y’s capital confidence barometer, a regular survey of senior executives from large companies around the world. The confidence barometer is focused on measuring corporate confidence in the economic outlook and the identification of boardroom trends and practices in the way companies manage their capital agenda.
Alfredo Suarez, Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young; Jorge Redhead, Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
10am-11:30am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 3 Latino owned businesses are the backbone of America's economy: what you should know to help them succeed! 
Learn about Latino business owners and:
• What keeps them up at night?
• Post economic crisis...what's top of mind?
• How are they preserving their legacy for future generations? 
Chris M. Mendoza, Assistant Vice President, Multicultural Business Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual)
10am-11:30am Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 The Other Side of Disney Fireworks
A rare, behind-the-scenes look at how Disney fuses creativity and sound financial decision-making to make "dreams come true". The session will explain:
• The unique needs of finance in the creative industry.
• The role of the finance professional as a collaborator.
• Being a thought partner in the creative process.
Clark Jones, Vice President of Finance for Global Marketing, Worldwide Sales & Travel Operations, WDPRO and Public Affairs for Walt Disney’s Parks & Resorts
10am-11:30am Grand Californian Hotel -Trillium Making Cents of Sustainability
• Harnessing sustainability as a business strategy, the Walmart example.
• Sustainability as an impetus for innovation and cost reduction.
• Why sustainability is good for the planet and your pocket.
Daniel Hazman, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.