WoA Corporate Advisory Board

Role of the Advisory Board

ALPFA is structured with a National Board of Directors who is responsible for governing the organization through designated Executive Committee roles including the Chair/President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer along with other Directors. The board sets standards for ensuring excellent strategic direction of ALPFA while the Corporate Advisory Board(s) provide the forum to solicit feedback, provide thought-leadership, strategy and best practices as it relates to ALPFA’s strategic priorities and tactics. ALPFA Management under the direction of the CEO, is responsible for the operations and execution of the strategic initiatives as recommended by the board. The WOA Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) works with the WOA Chair, ALPFA National VP of Programs and the Strategy Development Committee (SDC) to brainstorm, confer, critique and influence for the sole purpose of advancing the mission.

  • Ileana Musa, WoA CAB Chair
  • Gabe Rodriguez
  • Frances Garcia, WoA Co-Founder
  • Edgar Morales, WoA Immediate Past Chair
  • Sheila Rivera-Fathallah
  • Eva Seijido
  • Claire Babineaux-Fontenot
  • Joe Mella
  • Robert Bard
  • Toni L. Riccardi, WoA Co-Founder
  • Lorie Valle-Yañez
  • Maria Villanueva Sessions, WoA Co-Founder
  • Rima K. Matsumoto

Ileana Musa, WoA CAB Chair

I am very excited to chair the Women of ALPFA Corporate Advisory Board and look forward to collaborating with all of you in the ALPFA familia, to take this strategic initiative to a whole new level!

By building a community and a viable network, each of us will benefit from the other’s experiences; we will share insights and inspire one another to take action in a meaningful way the better to create connections, procure personal and professional advancement and pronounce a strong purpose to "pay it forward" in our communities...all with the goal of transforming the landscape of Latinas in this country!

Looking forward to our journey together.

Sheila Rivera-Fathallah

Statement coming soon...

Joe Mella

I like to think of myself as a collaborative leader giving well deserved individuals a chance of stretching their boundaries and reaching goals for themselves. As a member for the WOA CAB, I would like to see the leadership of ALPFA overall better represented with the senior women that play integral roles within their respective chapters. I think we can give them a fair chance for leadership considerations with good coaching and mentoring of candidates that have been identified with proven talent and strong potential.

As I have often stated – the WOA is one of the greatest assets of the overall ALPFA organization.

Robert Bard

As Latina influence in our country continues to grow it is becoming crystal clear that they are the economic engine of our community. It is essential then that we not only recognize the achievements of our leaders but also prepare the new generation for success. At LATINA Style we are a proud partner of the Women of Alpfa, their mission of creating pathways to success for the Latina community in Corporate America closely mirrors ours; Empowering Latinas one Woman at a Time. Go Women of Alpfa!!!

Toni L. Riccardi, WoA Co-Founder

One of the things in my career that I am most proud of is being a founder of Women of ALPFA (WOA). It aligns with one my personal goals - to collaborate with and to support the success of all women. Four very different women - different ages, organizations, Latino and non-Latino - came together to found WOA because we saw too few women in leadership across the organization.

It has been great to see that change. Today the president of ALPFA is a women and the WOA board includes many talented men and women dedicated to bringing about equality and change in the work place. I remain proud to be part of that change.

Maria Villanueva Sessions, WoA Co-Founder

I would like WOA to Empower Latinas to become leaders in their fields and their communities.