Survey Results 

What made you decide to become an ALPFA member?

Thanks to all who participated in our survey on "What made you decide to become an ALPFA member?"

Responses indicate that many ALPFA members are looking for networking and a community of people with common interests and experiences. To find events in your area where you can connect with other Latino students and professionals in the business, finance and accounting fields, browse our chapters and calendar of events.


Number of Responses

I was looking for a new job or career advancement. 


I was interested in scholarship opportunities.


I wanted to promote my business.


I wanted to be a leader / on the board.


I wanted a community of people with common interests.


Other (please specify)


Total Responses


Open-ended responses for "Other"

  • The board members passion for the organization inspired me to learn more about ALPFA and join the board.
  • Wanted to meet and network with other Latino Professionals
  • Lot of my friends are ALPFA members. They mentioned the benefits/purpose of ALPFA and recommended me to become a member.
  • My employer asked me to.
  • Wanted to support the employees that were my direct reports that were active members as well as gain a better understanding and promote to others
  • find support for Employee Resource Groups and to share best business practice
  • networking opportunities
  • Initially, I was a student so was looking for mentorship and making connections for jobs.
  • I want to check the bottom 3 answers but only allowed to check one box.
  • Network, learn from other experience, well foundation at ALPFA, Improve speaking ability
  • Meet and work with other companies like Disney, Prudential, etc.
  • networking
  • My company is an ALPFA sponsor and they introduced me to it.
  • My company is a sponsor
  • I wanted to interact with other professionals and share my career experiences with others as well as learn about other professional’s experience.  Also, I wanted to take advantage of all the ALPFA affiliations, events, and career development opportunities.
  • I wanted to connect with other leaders in the community. The aspect that I like the most was to see the energy and motivation, overall the great vibe from all the participants and the board made me identify ALPFA as the organization in which to be involved
  • The company I work for, Boston Medical Center, afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with ALPHA and allowed me to have a professional affiliation.
  • I was a student member and wanted to rejoin as a professional especially since my company is a sponsor
  • Networking Opportunity
  • To meet other Latino professionals.
  • Recommended at my university for networking.
  • Great networking opportunities and because of the merge with NHBA, in addition to the leadership positions I've held within the organization
  • I thought my school's community would benefit from having an organization like ALPFA on campus. On a personal level I joined ALPFA to learn and surround myself with individuals with common interests of furthering the Latino community through a business venue.
  • Wanted to be involved with a diverse group of professionals
  • I was looking for a community of people with common financial/accounting interests. I just wanted to share my financial knowlege and also learn from others. I just wanted to develop my networking experience and help people. I wanted to learn what this community is doing.
  • It allowed me many networking opportunities.
  • I am interested in volunteering through ALPFA
  • Seeking learning opportunities and social networking
  • Recommendation by my mentor in a mentorship program.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with those outside of my company
  • Graduated from school and was looking for a job.
  • I have a dual purpose of scholarship and networking.
  • referred to by colleague
  • I wanted to network with other people and grow my skills as a professional and a student.
  • Talking to a representative who urged me to become a member
  • I was looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the community and I was especially impressed with what ALPFA does to promote the future success of young people.
  • I wanted to network with other professionals
  • I want to network in finance and accounting field and also looking for scholarship opportunities
  • Starting a new career, need as much networking as possible
  • I was involved with the organization in TX years ago when it was the AAHCPAs. I wanted to meet other Latino professionals when I moved to Boston.
  • I wanted to be connected
  • Joined as part of the ALPFA relationship expansion with FEI
  • Network opportunities
  • friends at school and networking
  • to support a work sponsored affinity group
  • My company's affiliation with ALPFA
  • Invited by LA Chapter in a joint coordination with FEI
  • I was interested in Networking
  • Looking to help students
  • Friends in ALPFA who share my career aspirations
  • I was curious about what their mission was and liked it when I found out.
  • I wanted to support ALPFA
  • Networking
  • Interest in Hispanic Leadership Programs