2010 Salary Guide
The 2010 Salary Guide provides projected average starting salary ranges for accounting, finance and banking positions, as well as an overview of the issues currently impacting the industry.


Glossary of Job Descriptions for Accounting and Finance
This resource details the responsibilities, education, experience and skills required for more than 100 accounting, finance, banking and financial services positions.
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How to Hire Smart: In this client-oriented advice booklet, you will find valuable insight on how to locate good candidates, assess their resumes and conduct effective reference checks etc.  To order your free copy, please click here.



How to Keep Your Best People: This advice booklet provides tips for creating a positive work environment that will help you keep your most valuable employees.  Click here  for your free copy today.


30 Ways to Maximize Employee Productivity: This booklet outlines valuable ideas on how to increase and maintain productivity of employees, from strategic staffing to motivating your people.  Click here for your free copy today.


How to Get Ahead in Accounting and Finance: Click here to order your free copy of this helpful advice booklet, containing the latest trends in accounting and finance as well as helpful tips on resume preparation and interviewing.


Cost Effective Staffing for Unprecedented Times
In this report, we discuss how companies can develop flexible workforce management and staffing strategies, outlining the steps necessary to maximize human resources and sustain business growth in today's economy.
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The 30 Most Common Mistakes Managers Make in an Uncertain Economy
A challenging economy puts every manager’s skills to the test. This guide helps company leaders navigate tough times by outlining 30 common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The information falls into four categories: morale and retention; productivity; innovation and risk-taking; and building business. This guide helps managers learn from mistakes companies have made during previous recessions to build strong teams that can weather any economic storm and emerge prepared for the inevitable upturn.
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Hiring the Best People
This booklet offers a variety of techniques that can help you take the guesswork out of hiring.
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Keeping Your Best People
Retaining qualified employees is a challenge all companies face. Having the right staff directly impacts an organization's ability to maximize productivity and achieve business goals. In this booklet you'll find advice about compensation, benefits and perks, as well as tips on managing and motivating workers.
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