Latinos in College

ALPFA is proud to partner with “Latinos in College: Preparing Emerging Leaders for the Workforce,” a nationwide public awareness campaign to help increase the number of Latinos who graduate from college.

Why ALPFA Partners with this Campaign?
In order to fulfill our mission to expand Latino leadership in the global workforce we believe that it is in the best interest of our organization to focus on strengthening the college pipeline.

After conducting hundreds of workshops with Hispanic students and parents across the country and hearing their stories, Mariela Dabbah, an award winning author, speaker and consultant, recognized a tremendous need to address more forcefully the obstacles behind the achievement gap.

Right now of every 100 Latino students entering Kindergarten, only 12 graduate from college. According to research, one of the reasons for this awful statistic is that often these students are the first ones in their families to go to college, so they have few role models and little support. To help change these numbers, Mariela launched the “Latinos in College” initiative in conjunction with her new book Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success.

Who is Behind the Campaign?
Mariela Dabbah is the author of Help your Children Succeed in High School and Go to College, Help Your Children Succeed in School and How to Get a Job in the U.S. and the co-author of The Latino Advantage in the Workplace, all books focused on helping Hispanics navigate the American system.

She has been a guest on NPR’s All Things Considered, Wake up with Whoopi (Syndicated radio show), ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today in New York, Univision’s Despierta América, CNN Directo desde Estados Unidos and many other TV programs and radio shows. She’s a national speaker and has presented at conferences such as ALPFA (annual conference and HES), ALPFA, Junior Achievement, NHBA, as well as in major corporations such as ExxonMobil, GE, Citigroup, American Express and Verizon

The initiative works through a combination of tools:

  • An interactive website where students find resources such as scholarships, internship and mentorship programs, and where they can connect with other students and professionals who can guide them through college via blogs, video and audio podcasts. 
  • Free distribution, thanks to corporate-sponsored editions, of Latinos in College: Your Guide to Success, Mariela Dabbah's new book written from the perspective of  how a student’s cultural background impacts his/her college experience.
  • Parent and student workshops conducted by Mariela Dabbah across the country to discuss what parents and students can do to make it to college and graduate successfully.
  • Year-round media campaign talking about this topic.

How can you get involved?
As a partner of the initiative, ALPFA would like to encourage its members to take the following actions:

  • Share the website with your network so that it becomes the online destination for Latino high school and college students seeking support and resources and for companies and organizations looking to meet talent at the earlier stages.
    Contribute with short video and audio capsules as well as with your blog where you can provide advice and suggestions to this group of emerging leaders.
  • Become an ambassador. Ambassadors help promote the initiative with students, organizations and companies to increase its visibility and impact.
  • Become online-mentors. Having a mentor can drastically impact the life of our young Latino students and make a major difference in their graduation rates.

To become an online mentor or ambassador and for guidelines to submit your videos, audio podcasts or blogs:

To discuss sponsorship opportunities: