Our newest partnership: ALPFA & NALFO

Furthering its commitment to providing access to a robust network of professionals and creating opportunities for the professional development of the next generation of Latino business leaders, ALPFA has entered into a partnership with NALFO (National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations), an umbrella council for Latino Greek Letter organizations.  As part of this partnership, ALPFA will provide complimentary memberships for the first 500 NALFO undergraduate members (Use discount code: NALFOALPFA).  NALFO graduate student & alumni (professionals) members will receive a 50% discount on a one-year ALPFA membership (Use discount code: NALFO2012).  Current ALPFA members who are also members of NALFO fraternities & sororities can renew their 2012 ALPFA membership at the 50% discount and can become a member of NALFO at no cost. 

NALFO has 528 undergraduate chapters representing 5,582 undergraduate members.  In addition, many of the 20 NALFO member organizations also have established graduate chapters and all have a growing alumni/alumnae base of professionals working in a variety of fields and industries.

ALPFA is the largest professional association for Latino business leaders in the United States with over 19,000 members representing 40 professional and over 100 student chapters.

Highlighting the value of this strategic alliance most notably through the potential for growth in both individual members and new student chapters, ALPFA’s CEO Manny Espinoza stated, “ALPFA is pleased to partner with NALFO.  Many of our existing ALPFA student leaders as well as some in our professional membership ranks are also members of Latino Greek Letter organizations so I believe we are well positioned to successfully work with NALFO. We look forward to our existing ALPFA student chapters building relationships with NALFO undergraduate chapters at the 64 college & university campuses we  have in common. The potential for growth at both the undergrad & graduate student level through this partnership is also exciting for ALPFA in terms of expanding the pipeline of future Latino business leaders.

Dr. Juan R. Guardia, NALFO Chair and Director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs at Florida State University agrees that there is value in partnering with professional associations saying, "Our partnership with ALPFA will provide our NALFO undergraduate fraternity and sorority members & business majors with access to a network of Latino/a business leaders & professional development.  Graduate students and alumni looking to transition into Corporate America or further their business careers can also benefit from involvement with ALPFA.  I look forward to the various opportunities and possibilities it will provide both our organizations.”   

In addition to the membership exchange and discounts, ALPFA & NALFO have agreed to cross-promote their annual conventions and mutually-beneficial events and programs on an on-going basis.