Betty Martinez Lowery


Betty Martinez Lowery is a manager of Minority Business Development at Walt Disney World. Betty has more than 20 years of experience in human and public relations, with an emphasis on cross-cultural communication. Before joining the Disney team, Betty worked as a consultant, specializing in organizational development and human resource/relations training and consulting. Her work included Team Building, Change Management, Human Resource Management and Consulting, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Human Relations and Diversity, The Business Case for Diversity, Leadership Development, Motivation and Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication and more.

Betty’s prior experience included 9 years as the Executive Director of the greater Orlando Region of the National Conference for Community and Justice, a national human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism, and to promoting understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures.

Before assuming the leadership role she held with NCCJ, Betty worked for 10 years with Orange County Public Schools, leading their diversity efforts, providing programming and training for teachers and other school staff including Team-Building, Inclusive Classroom Training, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Diversity and Inclusion training. She was the founder of the nationally recognized and award winning Language Bank, providing translation and interpretation services in 68 languages to the children and families of Orange County through the services of trained volunteers. She also served in the role of the district’s spokesperson.

Betty was the host for two seasons of Family Works, a magazine show focusing on all issues related to the family that aired locally on PBS, and for six seasons as host and executive producer of Vision, a community-affairs show that aired on WRDQ Action 27, focused on discussion of issues of community concern, to provide a forum from which diverse individuals can learn from each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect, in order to find solutions.

Betty is the published author of two children’s Spanish language books, and is currently working on her first novel, a semi-biographical story of her parents experience as survivors of the Cuban revolution and their immigration to the United States as refugees in the early 1960s. Betty has received numerous local, state and national awards of distinction in her field, including the Presidents Award for the Pursuit of Excellence, the highest honor presented to non-profit Executive Directors.

In addition, Betty has been a champion of varied issues regarding children and families, and has been a tireless advocate working throughout Florida on children’s issues. She has been a member of the Orange County Citizens Review Board, Seeds of Peace, Weekends, Inc., Orange County Drug Free Task Force, and The Monster Clubs, providing free after-school care and activities for children in affordable housing communities throughout the United States. In 1998, Betty was recognized by Orlando Magazine as “Mother of the Year” and in 2002, Betty served as the first straight chairperson of the Out and Equal conference. Betty is committed to her role of being an ally for those who are discriminated because of race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, orientation or religion. She is a tireless advocate for all issues of diversity, and feels a deeply personal commitment to promoting respect for all people.

Betty has been married to her 9th grade sweetheart for 29 years, and is the mother of four children ranging in age from 23 to 28, and the grandmother of four ranging from one to eight years in age, and readily concedes that she is an obnoxiously proud grandmother!


If elected, what are the top 3 goals you expect to accomplish during your 2 year-term?

1. I would like to implement an articulated fund development strategy that will have a life even after my term is over.
2. I would like to set an annual fundraising goal, which is accomplished thought the strategy as stated above.
3. I would like to increase the annual financial support received from corporate partners.

Summarize your strengths/personal characteristics which will help you become successful if elected?

I have a strong background in fundraising that I think would be a particular asset to ALPFA, as well as strong community connections that will help open the door to new supporters for the organization.

What is your number one priority for ALPFA, and why?

To increase awareness and support for the organization, in order to have a greater outreach and impact on the membership to increase their professional success, as well as the opportunity for increased financial and mentoring support for the student members. In addition, I would like to see ALPFA members serve as role models to inspire schoolchildren in grades k-12, especially Latinos, to continue their education. I think that inspiration is best accomplished when they have the opportunity to interact with role models who look like them, have had similar life experiences, and can share how they have been able to achieve success.

Explain both your local and national accomplishments within ALPFA.

I have worked at the local level to increase the support provided by WDW, both in terms of financial support and human resources. I played a key role in the preparation of the site visit to bring the 2007 conference to Orlando. I was also able to sponsor the regional event on our property. Moving forward, I would like to see the support from WDW continue to increase, both in terms of financial support and membership in the organization.

Where do you see ALPFA as an organization within the next 3 years?

I see ALPFA as perfectly positioned to achieve a new level of awareness, support and participation. I believe in the next 3 years, we will see a level of involvement and engagement with the organization that will not only reflect but also be commensurate with the growing Latino population of Central Florida. I think ALPFA will perfectly reflect the demographics of our community.

What are the other skills sets that you feel are important for your fellow board members?

In addition to fundraising skills, I think the other greatest asset I bring to the organization are my community contacts.

Does the nominee understand the time commitment and are they supported by their employer?